More than 15% of Europeans work for themselves. We work independently, but have common concerns. There are a few simple ways European authorities can start improving conditions for freelancers. Our five-point manifesto calls on governments and businesses to:

  • Recognise freelancers!

  • Give us access!

  • Count us!

  • Give us a voice!

  • Treat us fairly!

More about the European Freelancers’ Manifesto:

Freelancers and independent professionals are a growing and vital part of the European workforce and economy. Politicians at all levels of government need to understand and address this important demographic. The freelancers of Europe call on government and businesses to:

Recognise freelancers!

Give us official status at all levels of government and bureaucracy. Realize that we’re not the same as small and medium enterprises or other activity categories. Remember us when you create policy that affects us.

Give us access!

Make sure freelancers can access all government services, bid for official contracts, access training programs and qualify for funding.

Count us!

Include us in all official statistics, and study our demographic better. Don’t put us together with other small business categories.

Give us a voice!

Talk to our representative organizations, give us a seat at the table and appoint an EU freelancers’ envoy to champion our concerns.

Treat us fairly!

Pay us on time. Write contracts that treat us ethically.

The five points of our manifesto were drawn from a major academic study by Professor Patricia Leighton, who identified the key challenges faced by European freelancers.

This campaign was originally launched in 2014 in time for the European Parliament elections. Find out more and view the original campaign website here.