Spanish freelancers call for debt repayment plan

The Spanish freelancers’ association is calling for an end to punitive debt conditions for freelancers who have unfortunately amassed debt with government agencies.

UPTA, the Union of Professionals and Self-Employed, says the group of freelancers who have managed to resist the economic crisis is able to take advantage of the improved economic to create jobs and actively participate in economic growth.

However, UPTA believes that it is imperative to relieve heavy debt that this group has incurred, to both the financial system and the government, particularly the treasury and social security.

In this sense, UPTA proposes the adoption of a Comprehensive Plan for the Recovery of Self-Employment (Plan PIRTA), to compensate for the efforts and sacrifices made in recent years.

The plan is proposed in the document 10 PROBLEMS / 10 SOLUTIONS, that UPTA has moved to the political groups presented to the elections on December 20.

The PIRTA Plan proposes to revise the conditions, particularly by the tax authorities and Social Security, previous payment deferrals.

Sebastian Reyna, general secretary of UPTA, insists that “all debtors with the government may enter into agreements to refinance long-term.” Thus they integrate all living debt.

The organization for an end to “abusive administrative sanctions and conditions of interest, much higher than the market for those companies whose failures come from economic or force majeure”.