Digital Nomad Survey

8th February 2016 | Freelancers Europe

Millions of experienced entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups are able to work remotely at any time and anyplace. They can work completely location independent. Tools, portable devices, and accessible air travel are enabling a life with just a backpack. Nine to five and cubicles have been replaced by cloud platforms and coworking spaces.

They are called Digital Nomads. True creativity and location independent work are what push their movement and it is possible to believe that the future of work is heading towards those very same

Digital Nomads are definitely a trending topic, but

  • are we looking at pioneers or followers?
  • Are millennials creating or adopting this lifestyle?
  • Will this become normality or simply fade away?

The purpose of the DIGITAL NOMAD SURVEY is to better understand the people and professions involved, and to support the worldwide independent workers movement and their derived location independent lifestyle with the free distribution of our survey data.

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Who is doing this?

We’re a team of experienced freelancers, travelers and coworking enthusiasts interested in knowing when, why and how did we started talking about Location Independence and Digital Nomadism.

We want to analyze the “trend” starting from a survey and we are planning to freely distribute the data we collect, allowing anybody to be involved in this research. Giveaways and discounts are in place to return the favor to those who will take part in this survey.

Take the survey: