Announcing the first European Freelancers Week – Oct 17-23 2016

17th September 2016 | Freelancers Europe

A series of events and actions for and by independent workers across Europe

The first ever European Freelancers Week will take place this October 17-23 with a series of actions and events for independent workers in different countries. The events will inspire freelancers to join together to improve their independent careers through learning, skill sharing, networking and campaigning.

As a distributed conference, it will take place in multiple cities across Europe simultaneously, and is open for anyone to submit an event. Locations will include many coworking spaces, which are important meeting points for freelancers.

European Freelancers Week 2016 is being coordinated by a coalition of freelancers’ associations in different countries, who who have joined together to form a movement. Freelancers’ organizations now exist in Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The motivation comes from the growth of the freelancing workforce, which has now reached over 9.5 million individuals, making up 4% of the total EU workforce. Working independently has upsides, include flexibility and self-realization. It also has downsides, such as isolation, irregular income and uncertain social security conditions. This is an opportunity to increase the benefits of freelancing through personal development and peer recognition, and overcome the negatives through networking and coordinated actions.

Anyone can propose an event to be added to the calendar. Event formats include talks, workshops and networking sessions. Through an open web platform at, anyone can launch their own event in their city.

European Freelancers Week is now calling for event organizers who wish to submit a concept. More national coordinators are also sought, and individuals are invited to become ambassadors to help champion the conference. Sponsors and donors are also welcome to offer their support.

What: European Freelancers Week 2016

When: October 17-23, 2016

Who: Independent workers of all types

Where: Multiple locations across Europe

Why: To bring freelancers together to inspire, learn, connect, promote, co-create, and campaign


Participating Associations:

Belgium: SMart –

Belgium: FEDIPRO –

Croatia: HDNP – Hrvatsko drustvo nezavisnih profesionalaca –

Germany: VGSD – Verband der Gründer und Selbstständigen Deutschland e.V –

Italy: ACTA – L’Associazione dei Freelance –

Italy: SMartIt –

Netherlands: PZO-ZZP – Platform Zelfstandige Ondernemers –

Poland: Stowarzyszenie Samozatrudnieni –

Romania: Asociatia Freelancerilor –

Spain: UPTA – Union de Professionales y Trabajadores Autonomos –


Supporting Networks:

European Freelancers Movement –

European Coworking Assembly –